Conifox Adventure Park Terms and Conditions


The Adventure Park is supervised by our team of trained Park Assistants, to offer customer service and safety instructions, and ask all customers to respect the staff giving safety advice.

The team are not responsible or trained to care for children within the park.

All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult and supervised in the Adventure Park.
All visitors must wear a wristband in the park, which is issued on arrival at the ticket office.

Conifox designed the park to be user friendly to all ages, and our pricing structure reflects this with a standard entry fee for adults & children. (Children under the age of 3 are free of charge)

Any customer visiting the park that requires support from a Carer, the carer is free of charge. Wheelchair users are free of charge of General Admission into the Adventure Park.

Equipment & Safety

Conifox install high quality play equipment to ensure the best level of safety for our customers, as well as working with ROSPA to maintain that level throughout the year. If any equipment has notice boards with rules and safety instruction, we strongly advise to follow these for your own wellbeing, as well as others.

Staff have the right to remove any customers from play equipment is they feel, they could hurt themselves or another customer.

Alcohol consumption and smoking are not permitted within the Adventure Park. Alcohol can not be brought onto the Conifox Grounds, based on the site licensing, but is served in the Stables Bistro and smoking is permitted outside the Bistro also.

Glass items, BBQ’s and Dogs are not permitted into the Adventure Park due to health and safety, however the rest of the Conifox grounds are dog friendly.

Conifox has a zero tolerance policy on verbal or physical abuse, and anyone causing harm will be removed from the park.

Annual, Corporate and Childminder Memberships

Adventure Park annual passes are valid for 12 months from the date issued and can only be used within the specified opening times of the park.

All memberships are specific to the individuals named on the card and are non-transferable.

Duplicate cards cost £1 to replace a lost card.

Conifox have the right to withdraw, cancel or refuse renewal of an annual membership at any time.

The authorised Member must show their Membership Card at the Entrance each time they visit Conifox Adventure Park.

If the card cannot be provided I.D maybe required with proof of address.

Membership Cards cannot be used in conjunction with any promotional offer or voucher

Groups and Childminders

Guardians and group organisers must ensure adequate parental supervision is always present, within the adventure park.

The ratio of adult supervisors to children should be as follows (to meet the National Care Standards for nondomestic premises)

Child Age: Under 3’s – (1 adult to 3 children) Over 3’s (1 adult to 5 children)

The group should increase the ratio up, for example attendance of children with special needs or those requiring additional support staff.